Thoughts and…

Well, its been one week since my friend tj and I road tripped to South Bend Indiana to see the fighting Irish if Notre Same beat Rice 48-17. There were over 80,000 peeps there



Great time long road time 7.5 hrs from Warren PA.
What’s funny to me, with all those fans there, everyone one of them has a story to tell. Hmmm
Tuesday the 2nd my brainchild came to fruition, at church I proposed a

walkby/drive by prayer

we had about 10 show up for prayer…God is moving in good ways all the time!
Why do I feel jealous or envious of people my age (47) who still have their father living. My dad died 23 yrs ago on the 19th of September, my step dad died a month ago…I miss them both…especially my dad. There are sooooo many things he missed in those Years, but, I know for certain that I WILL see him again.
Some of the best smells when out walking are: cookouts and laundry in the dryer. I don’t know why, just the wAy I feel.
Got to hang with my mom today for a while, I’m glad she is still here.
Well thats all I got for now…peace..pray for isreal!


Week wrap up

The week started with the viewing hrs and funeral of my 88 yr oldstep father, my mom asked me to say a few words and share some memories, she also told me “not to be funny”. No guarantees I told her. I spoke from the heart, with some humor mixed in, almost lost it twice, but thanks to my radio experience, I covered them as thought pauses.
This was also my first full military honor ceremony at the cemetery. My step dad was a Korean war veteren.
The week progressed with groceries and back to work for two days. In Warren this weekend, the industrial softball tournament started on friday night and runs thru sunday. There are 55 teams all playing to raise money for charity. Check pix on my instagram @d_c_4.
Friday was the 37 th anniversary of Elvis and today the 66th of the death of “the sultan of swat”
Thats it for now, Peace

My first blog

Well, this is my first, of many,
blogs. Here are some of my thoughts:
Why, if the sign reads ” 10 items or less” do people feel they can take the full grocery cart thru that lane?
My step father passed away Thursday morning at 12:15am, he was 88 yrs old, even though I only knew him for less than 10 Years, he loved my mom very much…he will be missed, the funeral is Monday, I was asked to say a few words about him from our side of the family. I don’t mind public speaking, so I feel honored.
I want to thank my friend kris for inspiring me to start a blog…
So, that’s what was on my mind today, until next time…